Welcome to the Gaming Vets Community

We are past and present military vets and family members who like to game on consoles, PC and mobile platforms. Most of us are casual but we are all competitive and enjoy winning. We have all answered our nation's call to serve our country and have done so faithfuly and honorably. In life, many things come and go, but these three things remain true: we are all Patriots, Veterans and Gamers.


We bleed red, white and blue. We love our country and, if necessary, will fight for it. We all at some point signed a blank check in the name of freedom. All gave some and some gave all, we'll never forget those that paid the ultimate price.


We do not discriminate the type of service you performed for your country. A Veteran, is a Veteran, is a Veteran. We go with the simplest definition and that is a former member of the U.S. armed forces, extended to those still serving honorably. All that we care about is that you served honorably.


Most of our original GVETs played our first console games on the Atari and NES. Our first PC games were played on MS DOS via a 486 or Pentium I PCs. We are gamers at heart and thoroughly enjoy gaming as much as we can squeeze into our ever busy lives.

Join GVETs

Team Requirements

Veteran Status : Verified

Character of Service : Verified

How to Verify : DD-214, DD-256, SCRA, .mil email, VA issued ID, Veteran Designation on State ID/License, Veterans Group Membership Card (VFW, American Legion, DAV, etc.)

Family Requirements

Familial : Membership restricted to immediate family members to include step, half and in-laws

GVET Team Member : Relation to Team Member verified

Why Join?

Why not? If you are a gamer and have lost touch with other Veterans or you just want to make new friendships with people that understand you then let's go. Let's be honest most people don't get us. At GVETs you can lay it all out without judgement. Chances are we've experienced something similar during our own travels.

- Fellow Veterans to game with & Free shit

- Forum area exclusively for verified Veterans

- Instantly increase followers on your socials by total number of GVET members


In order to maintain the same esprit de corps shared by members of the armed forces we feel it is necessary to restrict membership to Veterans and their family members. Although it's a different type of bond, family members are well aware of the struggles and sacrifices

What's Next?

Apply : Register on our GVETs Forum

Complete within 30 days : Verify Veteran status or familial ties; follow all GVET socials (Twitch, YouTube, Twitter); follow all GVET members socials

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